Youngest Congressional Nominee Leads Progressive FL Campaign

2020’s youngest Congressional nominee runs in FL-3 with a youth-led campaign. John Iadarola and Adam Christensen break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Former congressional aide Kat Cammack won the Republican nomination Tuesday for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, a big step in taking over the seat of her former boss, Rep. Ted Yoho, who is retiring after seven years while mired in controversy over a feud with a prominent Democrat on Capitol Hill.

The fight for the congressional district, which spans six north-central counties, was among Florida’s most expensive and competitive. Candidates there collectively spent at least $2.3 million on the election so far, according to the latest figures from the Federal Election Commission.

Yoho chose not to endorse any candidate in the race. In a bizarre twist, Yoho in June had said in a mysterious statement that Cammack was “demoted” in 2013 as his chief of staff and “reassigned” from Washington to a Florida district office for “reasons not to be disclosed.” The statement was later deleted from Yoho’s campaign Facebook account.

Cammack was identified on congressional employment records as Yoho’s chief of staff all during 2013, listed as a part-time employee for more than five years then named deputy chief of staff in August 2019 through the end of the year. Yoho said that Cammack worked for him “in a satisfactory manner” and he would not discuss the matter further."

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