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October 27, 2021

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TYT Replay: Trump Org. braces for CRIMINAL charges. Corp Dems ATTACK Turner Campaign, again!

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Investigators are homing in on the Trump Organization’s culture of cash bonuses, says new report. Ilhan Omar says progressives are ready to withhold votes from the bipartisan infrastructure deal. Dems launch a proxy war on Medicare for All. Undercover GOP operatives trained by former spies infiltrated liberal groups to try and compromise them from the inside. Coldwell Banker CEO says investors snatching up homes is not a driving force in the hot housing market.

“The Bachelor” stars got PPP loans while millions struggled during COVID. NY Times columnist mocked for claiming Kamala Harris should be given easier tasks, not “impossible problems.” Iowa’s gun law allowing people to carry guns into public spaces without permits or safety training goes into effect as the state is dealing with the largest increase in gun violence. Trump’s event in Alabama has been canceled after the commissioners of the location being held suddenly realized it was going to be a partisan event, not just a “patriotic” one. Bill Cosby to be released from prison after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturns his sexual assault conviction.

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