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October 25, 2021

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TYT LIVE: Trump Says How His Coup Would Go Down, and Bill Burr Tries to Fix the News

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Hour One: Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, joined by Adrienne Lawrence
Hour Two: Cenk Uygur, joined by Jackson White and Bridget Todd

Joe Biden’s stimulus is financing GOP’s billionaire tax cuts. Bill Burr rants against “treasonous, unamerican pieces of s***” cable news networks because they “want” Trump back. MIT predicted in 1972 that society will collapse this century – new research shows we’re on schedule. 66% of southern Republicans are for secession, says new poll. Humanity has flipped Amazon from a carbon sink to a carbon source.
A Utah police officer killed a man inside the police department – it was his third shooting. Skating rink boots Black teen misidentified by facial recognition system. Carlson’s past views on Trump: prophetic, not hypocritical. “They’re not going to f**ing succeed”: Top generals feared Trump would attempt a coup after the election, according to a new book. An unvaccinated Trump supporter throws a temper tantrum after a cruise ship boots her off over her positive COVID test.

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