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October 26, 2021

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TYT Live: Obama Aides LOSE IT at Biden. Guest A.J. Delgado on Trump Aide Jason Miller’s Shady Tricks

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President Biden’s big focus on re-engineering America is moving quickly with big policy initiatives, and it’s drawing some criticisms from the Obama wing of the party. Meanwhile, Democrats pushing stimulus talks admit to regrets on Obama’s 2009 response. An Amazon Exec tried to trash Bernie Sanders for not delivering on a $15 minimum wage and healthcare and it doesn’t go well for Amazon. Senator Warren grills Treasury Secretary Yellen over why $9 Trillion BlackRock was not treated as a risk to the economy. Michigan Republicans offer up their own voting restriction bill.

A Trump advisor lied about his employment to get out of paying child support. House Democrats are urging the Biden Administration to reverse course on firing employees over marijuana use. Bernie Sanders’ new bill would end Trump’s corporate tax cut. Rep. Lauren Boebert looks like a clown after an appearance on Newsmax. And a Mississippi Senator is defending the Republicans’ plan to eliminate Sunday voting in Georgia because the Bible says so.

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