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October 26, 2021

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TYT Live: Lindsey Graham’s CRAZY THREAT to Block Equality and Democracy

2 min read

Rep. Lee Zeldin gets upset at Politico when they wouldn’t let him weasel out of acknowledging that Biden won the election. Georgia Republicans think they can say they’ll eliminate two aspects of their anti-voting bill, but otherwise, they think it’s fine. Lindsey Graham says he’s ready to talk till he falls over in filibuster over the voting rights bill. The Biden Administration fired a bunch of staffers over past marijuana use after promising they wouldn’t. And cops reportedly kept vile group chats about the homeless and mentally ill.

President Joe Biden stumbles three times walking up the stairs on Air Force One. Sean Hannity is rooting for Vladimir Putin after the Russian President challenged Biden to a debate. An Oklahoman diner in a county where 92% voted for Trump, says he won’t get vaccinated after Trump’s pleas because “Trump is a liberal New Yorker, why would I listen to him?” The FBI releases new video footage of officers being assaulted at the U.S. Capitol. And, the NCAA is getting called out over the poor amenities for the women’s tournament compared to the men’s tournament sites.

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