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October 21, 2021

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TYT Live: LEAKED: Exxon Lobbyist reveals “crucial” senate allies. Trump org CFO indicted!

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Exxon Mobil lobbyist accidentally gives away the game on how legislators are bought and paid for… by name! Allen Weisselberg has turned himself in, plans to fight charges. The Supreme Court invalidates California’s donor disclosure requirement. And the Supreme Court leaves Arizona’s voting restrictions in place. Liz Cheney has been named by Speaker Pelosi to serve on the House January 6th Committee. Video shows fallen debris and gushing water in the Surfside condo garage moments before the collapse. Iowa’s gun law allowing people to carry guns into public spaces without permits or safety training goes into effect as the state is dealing with the largest increase in gun violence. Kamala Harris’ office is reported toxic and staffers are “treated like s***.” Meghan McCain to leave “The View” at the end of the month. The Trump family has a meltdown over Jill Biden’s Vogue cover: Don Jr. photoshops First Lady, Lara rants about Melania snub. Woman charged with a hate crime after wrongly accusing a black teenager.

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