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October 28, 2021

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TYT LIVE: Georgia Results FIASCO Erupts

2 min read

Georgia officials are placing officers at 40 polling places near Atlanta due to Trumpers threatening poll workers and locations because they hate democracy. Republican Chip Roy warns of a "hot conflict" in America if Democrats win Georgia Senate races and give control to Democrats, basically calling Republicans violent, sore losers. Kelly Loeffler says she will object to the certification of Biden’s Electoral College win. Kelly Loeffler’s new Facebook ad darkens the skin of Raphael Warnock, her black opponent. GEORGE WILL: Hawley, Cruz, and their Senate cohort are the Constitution’s most dangerous domestic enemies. Trump’s pressure on anyone that can help him continues with a public warning to Pence at a Georgia rally. Fox’s Bret Baier Confronts Josh Hawley: ‘By the Constitution, Congress doesn’t have the right to overturn the certification’. Lou Dobbs ponders…"we’ve been looking for evidence of the obvious crimes of election fraud, but why haven’t we still found any?". Hakeem Jeffries tells the media with a straight face that Democrats are "looking forward, not backward" on Trump and his phone call with Raffensperger. Democrats start to eye a post-Pelosi era. ‘The Power Is Literally in Your Hands’: Biden ties Georgia runoff races to $2,000 relief checks. Seniors camp out overnight before Daytona site for coronavirus vaccinations fills up again. FDA shoots down an idea floated by the head of Operation Warp Speed to halve vaccine doses in order to get more people vaccinated in the wake of their failures. LA ambulance crews told not to transport some patients with a low chance of survival amid the COVID-19 surge. In wake of Proposition 22’s passage, the nation’s second-largest grocer says it’s discontinuing its own delivery service in ‘select locations’. People can’t believe Donald Trump’s latest public schedule isn’t a parody. White House responds to a report suggesting Trump will head to Scotland before the inauguration. Trump not allowed into Scotland to escape Biden’s inauguration, Sturgeon warns.

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