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October 28, 2021

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TYT LIVE: Fighting for $2,000 – Pelosi & Trump vs. McConnell

2 min read

Schumer and Pelosi are down for the 2k gambit. Klobuchar however is the dumbest human person in politics. Stephanie Ruhle isn’t happy with Trump’s monkey wrench in the works for the relief bill…but her reasons seem sketchy. Pence’s big takedown of Dems: They will make rich people poorer, and the poor more comfortable! Trump begins his pardon spree with headliners like Blackwater war criminals, white-collar criminals, and disgraced criminal politicians. Pete Hegseth praises Trump’s pardons of Blackwater war criminals because they were ‘doing their job’. Deutsche Bank representative that oversaw giving Trump hundreds of millions of dollars is resigning as the investigation into his financial crimes continues. How America’s Covid response left 3,000 health workers dead. She just wanted her pub to survive the pandemic. Then her viral video became a political talking point. Industry lobbyists representing everyone from pesticide manufacturers to factory farms and aquarium and zoo operators are pushing regulators to allow their workers to jump the line for the coronavirus vaccine. The entertainment industry has been given extensive leeway during the pandemic, even as California now faces a stay-at-home order. From "day one" to we will "need time," Team Biden walks back vow to end Trump attack on asylum seekers. Justice Democrats, Sunrise Movement applaud latest Economic Council picks by Biden as ‘Major Win’. Maria Bartiromo duped into an on-air interview with an animal rights activist posing as CEO of a pork giant. Dumbass My Pillow guy gets interrupted by Sebastian Gorka on NewsMax for bringing up Dominion in a fraud rant.

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