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October 27, 2021

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TYT Live: Biden Backpedals on Infrastructure. Infrastructure bill paves way for more privatization

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Biden does an insanely pathetic backpedal to suck up to whiny Republicans on the infrastructure deal. The bipartisan senate infrastructure plan is a stalking horse for privatization. GOP Senator Bill Cassidy: Infrastructure is a “woman’s problem” because they “do the shopping.” Possible failure point emerges in Miami-area building collapse. Chris Wallace accuses the GOP of defunding police in a testy Fox interview. A “heroic” man who fatally shot a gunman was himself killed by a responding officer, Colorado police say. Trump is treating Bill Barr like Jeff Sessions after some of his quotes about his opposition to the big lie come out in Jonathan Karl’s book. As Ron DeSantis’ political value rises with racist Republicans, he’s worried about and trying to avoid angering Trump by getting too popular. Dan Crenshaw calls for Gwen Berry to be removed from the Olympic team: This is what happens when you teach critical race theory. Pastor Greg Locke says Biden is “demon-possessed,” and insists that Trump is the “legitimate president.”

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