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October 26, 2021

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TDR Live: Local Possum, Ted Cruz, Gets Put in Place By Lawyers

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The Damage Report host Francesca Fiorentini is joined by Rebel HQ contributor Caroline Johnson to break down Thursday’s top stories.

The Biden administration prepares to reopen a migrant detention camp on Guantánamo Bay. Tucker Carlson goes full on Great Replacement Theory. Donald Trump sues his niece and The New York Times over their bombshell reporting on his finances. Video captures cops in Missouri allowing their canine to bite a black man in custody. “Hacktivist” collective Anonymous leaks 150 gigabytes of data from far-right groups. Ted Cruz gets owned by law professors during a Senate hearing. Michael Flynn claims covid-19 vaccines are being snuck into salad dressing. Actress Uma Thurman recounts her teenage abortion in a new op-ed.

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