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October 18, 2021

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Supreme Court CRUSHES Your Voting Rights

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The Supreme Court attacks your voting rights, unless you’re a wealthy cis white male. John Iadarola and Adrienne Lawrence break it down on The Damage Report. 

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"Around 10 am on Thursday, many voting rights observers had a collective heart attack when they read the eight words that they had been most dreading: “JUSTICE ALITO delivered the opinion of the Court.”

These words appeared above the Court’s decision in Brnovich v. DNC, a case challenging two Arizona voting restrictions, and that had the potential to destroy what remains of the Voting Rights Act and weaken federal voting rights law to a point that hasn’t been seen since Jim Crow. And they announced that Samuel Alito, the Court’s most reliable Republican partisan, had written the majority opinion in Brnovich.

And yet, the opinion that followed Alito’s name is more measured than could have reasonably been expected from a Court where Republican appointees hold a 6-3 supermajority. It’s not, by any means, a good decision for democracy. Brnovich upholds both Arizona laws — a provision that disenfranchises voters for casting a ballot in the wrong precinct, and another that prevents most third parties from delivering another voter’s absentee ballot to a polling place. But Alito’s opinion most likely preserves civil rights plaintiffs’ ability to challenge many of the most odious provisions of the voter suppression laws currently being pushed by Republican state lawmakers in other states."

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