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October 17, 2021

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Rudy Giuliani GOES DOWN!

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Rudy Giuliani meltdown after he loses his law license. He’s done at least for now. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini break it down on The Damage Report. 

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"Now, many of you know me for a long time, including when I was U.S. attorney and mayor from — of New York City and a candidate for president and a surrogate for John McCain, and on and on and on — and Donald Trump, of course. And have I ever really ran from the press, or hidden, or been in a basement, or been unwilling to answer questions? I think even the reporters who covered me when I was mayor would say that I was totally available and not afraid to answer anything.

Well, the — the appellate whatever division of the court, in a state that is a one-party state, New York is a one-party Democrat state, which is always very, very dangerous. That’s what — that’s what you have in places like, you know, China, Venezuela. You have one-party states. And I mean, they issued an opinion that could have been written by the Democrat National Committee or by CNN. They basically have suspended my practicing law, which I’ve done for 50 years without a single complaint, where I’ve prosecuted some of the most dangerous criminals, where I’ve had my life threatened several times in what I was doing. I think I have rendered significant service to this country. Most people will tell you that I had the most effective record in getting rid of the mafia. I think many people will tell you I was the best mayor in their lifetime and made this city safe, and I also think people will tell you that I have a reputation for being blunt, honest, and transparent, which is why I don’t run away and I answer questions."

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