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October 19, 2021

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Replay: TYT LIVE: Republicans and WEAK DEMS Hold COVID Relief HOSTAGE

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Republicans propose a $618B COVID relief plan and try to gut survival checks for Americans. Bernie Sanders says passing COVID relief is more important than bipartisanship. A new study shows that a $15 minimum wage would only increase the federal budget by $65 billion a year, bolstering Sen. Sander’s case for reconciliation. Sanders believes that Democrats have enough votes to pass the COVID relief bill through reconciliation now. Meanwhile, Joe Manchin is upset that Vice President Harris did an interview in his state promoting the administration’s COVID relief plan, only to be undercut by the Republican Governor of West Virginia on the need for stimulus and relief. Reddit users are already fueling the next rally, this time in Silver. The Robinhood CEO tries to explain to Elon Musk why his platform restricted trading. And Elizabeth Warren calls on the SEC to “get off their duffs and do their jobs.” Additionally, MSNBC bemoans the loss of human capital as retail traders beat the hedge funds instead of working on themselves. The military is taking control in Myanmar: a look into why it’s happening and the warnings the U.S. has given to the Myanmar military. A 9-year-old girl was handcuffed and pepper-sprayed by Rochester Police officers responding to a call of “family trouble.” The heiress of Publix Super Markets and Alex Jones helped fund Trump’s January 6th rally according to organizers. New information shows that a number of insurrectionists did not vote in the election they claim was stolen. In the meantime, Publix is given sole rights to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Florida, despite concerns that it will put Black and rural communities at a disadvantage. “She is weighing us down”: Georgia GOP cringes at Marjorie Taylor Greene, as Republicans speak out against her words and actions, but refuse to call for her removal. Republicans are also pushing “Stop Stacey” Abrams campaign as the Georgia Governor’s approval ratings continue to fall. Anti-vaxxers block people from getting the COVID-19 vaccine at Dodger Stadium.

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