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October 18, 2021

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Replay: TYT LIVE: Pence SHUTS DOWN Trump’s Coup Attempt

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Josh Hawley has publicly announced he’ll object to the certification of election results in order to steal the dumbass crown from Tommy Tuberville. Pence refused to sign on to plan to overturn the election, lawyers say.. Trump’s $2,000 checks stall in Senate as GOP blocks the vote. Joe Biden Says He Supports $2,000 Direct Payments for COVID-19 Relief. GOP congressman who voted for trillions in new spending fumes over $2,000 checks: Debt could ‘slow our economic growth’. The DOJ has closed the case on Tamir Rice’s murderers with no charges because they say the video was too poor quality to determine what happened. Louisiana congressman-elect dies of covid. Kevin McCarthy offers up thoughts and prayers, and never mentions that Letlow died of COVID. Congressman asked why Rudy Guiliani gets Regeneron while regular people don’t. Texas Gov. Abbott urges speedy vaccinations, says doses ‘sitting on hospital shelves’. Trump responds to criticism that the vaccine distribution isn’t working: "it’s the states’ responsibility!" ‘This is Warp Speed?’ At the current pace, the US will take 10 years to adequately vaccinate the public against Covid-19, analysis warns. Trump ramps up election conspiracies with a bonkers attack on Georgia Secretary of State over his non-existent brother.

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