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October 25, 2021

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Replay: TYT LIVE: Hannity Wants McConnell OUT

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The winter storm in the Southern U.S. is looking like a major natural disaster, as blackouts leave millions without power, delay COVID-19 vaccination deliveries, and leave at least six dead. President Biden approved Texas’s disaster declaration as temperatures continue to drop. Sean Hannity says it’s time for new GOP leadership after McConnell condemns Trump for inciting the insurrection. Plus, more reactions from Rep. Matt Gaetz and Sen. Ron Johnson. A Pennsylvania county GOP official lashed out at Sen. Pat Toomey for his vote to convict Trump, saying “We did not send him to DC to ‘do the right thing or whatever’.” Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s family is absolute garbage following his decision to support impeachment. Leading House Democrat sues Donald Trump under a post-Civil War law for conspiracy to incite U.S. Capitol riot. A new report alleges that Steve Schmidt was aware of sexual harassment allegations against his Lincoln Project co-founder as early as March. Morning Joe’s Steve Rattner argues against Biden’s COVID relief plan because ‘most Americans are still doing pretty well.’ The CBO says a $15 wage would have a bigger budget impact than GOP tax cut provisions, as a Restaurant owners association warns that raising the federal minimum wage would kill them and make owners raise menu prices. The GOP tries to weaponize pandemic-exhausted parents against Biden, and a teacher redefines the n-word to a black student in AP history class.

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