About U.S. Voters

Greetings my name is Rich

I own U.S. Voters website. It is also a part of the Area Control Network.
I try to find true and informative Voters News, tools and information from around the internet.
I own may news websites that are part of the Area Control Network some of them are posted here in their feeds.
Look around I hope you find my website informative and useful.

I also sell domain names and most all of my domain names are for sale including this one! If you want to start your own U.S. Voters website. You can find out more on this domain name for sale at: voters.us.com domain name is for sale

I also sell create, recondition and sell pictures for prints, greeting cards, business cards, home décor and offices and much more.. I was testing out my own project and I bought a print of George Washington from my website Matrix Photos. It was a Styrene Mount print that is not a frame. It also was 30 x 45 and it was beautiful. I hope to recondition pictures of all the presidents and put them on my website for sale soon. As for now I just have George Washington. I have a feed from Matrix Photos  to the right of a few more photos and art I have done.