Andrew Yang Backpedals from Medicare for All

Andrew Yang Backpedals from Medicare for All

Andrew Yang admits he lied to his supporters. John Iadarola, Brooke Thomas, and Michael Brooks break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang sparred with ABC’s Jon Karl on Sunday over whether his health care plan includes “Medicare for All."
Karl challenged the entrepreneur on “This Week,” saying Yang’s plan does not include Medicare for All or a public option despite an ad from the candidate saying “explicitly” that his ideas would promote “a health care system with Medicare for All.”
Yang replied that the country needs to reach for universal health care but should not remove the private plans that millions of Americans rely on.
“Our plan is to expand a universal health care system to all Americans,” he told Karl. “Medicare for All is not the name of a bill. Medicare for All is universal health care for all Americans. And that is our vision.”
Yang added his plan would be based on Medicare and extend its reach by lowering the eligibility age, to which Karl replied he did not see that in the presidential candidate’s plan."

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