Trump Caught Committing MORE Crimes

Trump Caught Committing MORE Crimes

Trump’s D.C. hotel room prices spiked for a recent fundraiser. John Iadarola discusses on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"In November, we noticed a mysterious spike in the price of available rooms at Trump’s DC hotel for a Saturday night in December. The minimum cost was 13 times the average, but we couldn’t identify a reason for the spike until photos surfaced of the Trump Victory Committee’s winter retreat at Trump’s Hotel on that exact night, which appears to have sold out much of the venue. While the least expensive room for a one-night stay at the hotel was around $500 on surrounding days, the cheapest room on December 14 was a whopping $6,719. With access to Trump, Pence, and other top officials, and a bonus invitation to the White House holiday party for donors, we no longer have to wonder why."*

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