Progressive Turns GOP Senator’s Ad Against Her

Progressive Turns GOP Senator's Ad Against Her

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Eddie Mauro turns GOP senator’s ad & platform against her, discussing the issues in the Iowa senate race. John Iadarola and Eddie Mauro break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Eddie Mauro has been involved in community service, activism, and organizing; fighting for social, economic and environmental justice for many years. In the midst of that work, Eddie was a teacher and championship coach, built a successful business that reaches into all 99 Iowa counties and raised a family.

He and his wife Sharilyn have shared 29 years together and have two children, Dominic and Mia. Eddie has deep roots in Iowa having spent years in Carroll, Boone, Indianola, Seymour, Centerville and Des Moines.

Eddie is one who patiently listens, is present and understands Iowans and is willing to serve.
Now Eddie hopes to cross the road into public life, public service – the privilege and honor of serving this country in the US Senate."

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