TDR Live: Trump’s Strategy to Kill Millions Confirmed

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by producer & host Viviana Vigil to break down Thursday’s top stories.

Progressives in Congress fight for survival checks. Leaked emails reveal top Trump officials demanded a “herd immunity” strategy to combat the virus. Nearly everything Covid-19 task force leader Mike Pence said re: Covid has proven to be false. Chris Christie releases a PSA urging Americans to mask-up. The Biden administration is on track to save billions by halting production of the border wall. Wedding photographers detail their dangerous working conditions.

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"Senate and House leaders are on the cusp of a coronavirus relief deal that will include direct $600 to $700 direct stimulus payments and $300-per-week supplemental unemployment assistance, according to sources familiar with the talks.

The $900 billion package is the result of months of stop-and-start negotiations that received a boost in early December when a bipartisan group of senators and House members unveiled their own $908 billion package after talks between Democratic leaders and the White House stalled.

The emerging deal, however, will not include $160 billion in new state and local aid or liability protection for businesses and other organizations — two of the most contentious issues of the talk."

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