TDR Live: Trump Might Fire His New AG Before He… Becomes His AG

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by TYT’s own Jayar Jackson for another #BigNewsWednesday!

Just days after AG Barr announces his resignation, Trump considers sacking his replacement. Reports suggest Congress is “on the brink” of passing a pared-down covid rescue package. Joe Biden is set to nominate Pete Buttigieg to be Transportation Secretary. A new study reveals disparities in how PPP loans were distributed. Only a tiny fraction of invitees showed up to Mike Pompeo’s super-spreader Christmas party. Researchers in London prove the obvious.

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"President Donald Trump has already discussed sacking Jeffrey Rosen, who is set to replace Attorney General Bill Barr next week, reported the Associated Press.

Trump is discussing removing Rosen if he does not comply with his demands and appoint a special counsel to probe Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and the president’s groundless election fraud claims, Trump administration and Republican sources close to the White House told the agency.

Trump has already talked through the move with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and attorney Pat Cipollone, according to the report."

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