New Sweeping Progressive Reform Addresses Mass Incarceration

The new Los Angeles County attorney general, George Gascón, announces sweeping progressive reforms on his first day, addressing mass incarceration, police reform, and more. John Iadarola and Brian Unger break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"On his first day leading the country’s largest district attorney’s office, the top prosecutor in Los Angeles County announced a series of sweeping criminal justice reforms aimed at "permanently" changing the course of California’s criminal justice system.

George Gascón, who was elected last month as a reformer, unseating the county’s first Black district attorney, said Monday in a long thread on Twitter that the office will no longer seek the death penalty, which he described as "racist and morally untenable."

Of the 215 people on death row in Los Angeles County, 85 percent are people of color, he said."

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