TDR Live: Trump’s Team Is A Bit More Covid-y Today

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by actor, writer, and commentator Brian Unger to go through Tuesday’s top stories.

Jenna Ellis becomes the latest member of Trump’s legal team to contract coronavirus. New reporting reveals the White House failed to secure millions of doses of the Pfizer vaccine. GA Governor Brian Kemp refuses to overturn Georgia’s election results. New LA District Attorney George Gascon announces sweeping reforms. A former Israeli space security chief promises the “galactic federation” awaits, if humans would only get their sh*t together. Trump holds the world’s most awkward Medal of Freedom Ceremony.

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"President Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis has informed associates she tested positive for the coronavirus, multiple sources tell Axios, stirring West Wing fears after she attended a senior staff Christmas party on Friday.

Driving the news: There are concerns about the potential for another White House superspreader event, though it was unclear whether Ellis posed a risk when she attended. Ellis declined to confirm the diagnosis to Axios.”

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