Economic Tricks To Help Struggling Millennials

These economic tricks could help many struggling millennials through this crisis. John Iadarola and Ankur Jain break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Ankur Jain has achieved much of his success in business by creating win-win situations. With his company’s latest initiative, he’s trying to help displaced workers while at the same time filling a significant need in the health care industry.

Earlier this year Jain, the founder of New York City-based investment firm Kairos, came across a report that stated that about 40 percent of jobs lost in the economic crisis wouldn’t return, in part because of the time needed to reopen businesses in hard-hit industries such as retail and restaurants. So the Kairos team started to think about what they could do to help create jobs quickly. Their solution: Pair out-of-work Americans with elderly and sick patients in need of home health care."

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