TDR Live: Trump: A Loser for All Four Seasons

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Francesca Fiorentini, host of Newsbroke on AJ+ and The Bitchuation Room podcast to break down today’s top stories.

In a fitting end to the Trump 2020 campaign, “Borat” star Rudy Giuliani holds a press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Trump insiders scramble to raise money for the president’s legal defense. The president spreads election conspiracy theories on Twitter. As yet another Trump official tests positive for COVID-19, president-elect Joe Biden prepares to combat the virus. Trump makes history as the only one-term president to be impeached & lose the popular vote. Trump loyalists react to the news of his loss in bizarre ways. John & Francesca predict what Trump will do in the lame duck session.

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"On Saturday morning, shortly before the AP and other news outlets called the election for Joe Biden, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce that his lawyers would be holding a “big press conference” in Philadelphia. But there seems to have been some major confusion about where it would be held. First Trump tweeted it would take place at the “Four Seasons, Philadelphia.” Trump later corrected himself and said that the news conference was going to be held at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. And the Four Seasons Hotel sent out its own tweet, making sure everyone knew that the news conference would not be held there but rather at the landscaping business that has “no relation with the hotel.”"

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