CRAZY QAnon Lady Explains ‘Code Words’ (VIDEO)

Watch this crazy QAnon lady explain the ‘real meaning’ of ‘ cheese pizza’. John Iadarola and Aqualus Gordon break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan produced a shocking report on his attendance of a QAnon rally, which included a back-and-forth with a Trump supporter claiming without evidence that Tom Hanks is a child sex abuser.

O’Sullivan’s segment focused on a #SaveTheChildren held in Los Angeles last week. He explained that Save the Children is an actual charity fund, but its name has been co-opted by followers of QAnon, the insane online cult claiming liberal celebrities and “deep state” Democrats are in a cannibalistic pedophilia cabal trying to bring President Donald Trump to ruin.

One of the rallygoers O’Sullivan spoke to was a Trump supporter carrying a sign claiming Hanks is a pedophile. When pressed by O’Sullivan to explain the unsubstantiated accusation, the man engaged in a circular prove-it’s-true / prove-it-isn’t dispute with the reporter."

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