TDR Live: Trump Takes His Ball and Goes Home, Giuliani Takes Both of His Balls and, Err, Nevermind

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Benjamin Dixon, journalist, progressive activist and host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, to break down the day’s top stories.

New details emerge surrounding Trump’s interview with Lesley Stahl. “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani attempts to explain his unusual appearance in the new Borat movie. Fox & Friends considers how Trump can steer tonight’s debate back to Hunter Biden. The former VP speaks with 60 Minutes about his plans for the Supreme Court. A complaint filed by multiple Human Rights groups alleges US immigration officers tortured Cameroonian asylum seekers. New financial forms show the Trump campaign is badly outgunned by the Biden campaign.

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"President Trump on Thursday posted his full interview with "60 Minutes" ahead of its scheduled air time in an apparent attempt to undercut the news program after he walked out on the interview, bristling at questioning from journalist Lesley Stahl.

The president posted the nearly 40-minute sit down to his Facebook page with the caption: "Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS."

"Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse!" Trump added, referencing the NBC News anchor who will moderate the presidential debate in Nashville."

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