SHOCKING QAnon Poll Reveals Dark Future For American Politics

Check out this QAnon poll, prompting scary thoughts about the future of American politics. John Iadarola and Aqualus Gordon break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan produced a shocking report on his attendance of a QAnon rally, which included a back-and-forth with a Trump supporter claiming without evidence that Tom Hanks is a child sex abuser.

O’Sullivan’s segment focused on a #SaveTheChildren held in Los Angeles last week. He explained that Save the Children is an actual charity fund, but its name has been co-opted by followers of QAnon, the insane online cult claiming liberal celebrities and “deep state” Democrats are in a cannibalistic pedophilia cabal trying to bring President Donald Trump to ruin.

One of the rallygoers O’Sullivan spoke to was a Trump supporter carrying a sign claiming Hanks is a pedophile. When pressed by O’Sullivan to explain the unsubstantiated accusation, the man engaged in a circular prove-it’s-true / prove-it-isn’t dispute with the reporter."

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