How Do Conservatives Feel About Voter Suppression?

How do conservatives feel about voter suppression in states like Texas and Georgia? John Iadarola and Oliver Laughland break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Texas’s 24th congressional district is in many ways a microcosm for this entire election.
An expansive sprawl of suburbia that connects the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, it has for the past 15 years been dominated by conservative politics. The incumbent Republican congressman Kenny Marchant has held the district since 2004 but his retirement, announced to little fanfare last year, has sparked a political turf war that crystallizes Texas’s rapid diversification and the bitter politics that underpin it.

When Marchant, now 69, first won here he carried the area with a decisive 64% of the vote, and those margins continued for over a decade. But in 2018, two years into the Trump era, he clung to his seat in Congress by just 3%.

Now, in 2020, this race for the 24th district is a tossup, making it a perfect second stop in the Guardian’s Anywhere But Washington series, in which I am traveling the country with film-maker Tom Silverstone."

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