Trump Wants to Be A Macho Man

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Adrienne Lawrence, Author of STAYING IN THE GAME, attorney and comedian, to break down Tuesday’s top stories.

During day 2 of her confirmation hearings, SC Nominee Amy Coney Barrett evades questions on systematic racism, Trump delaying the election, and Roe v. Wade. An examination of Coney Barrett’s past rulings reveals she upheld the dismissal of a Black employee who sued after being called the n-word at work. Covid-stricken Trump claims he’s “immune” to the virus and threatens to kiss attendees at his mega rally in Florida. The Trump campaign is defending a new ad containing a misleading edit of Dr. Anthony Fauci. A US circuit court filled entirely with Trump appointees has upheld Texas Governor Gregg Abbott’s order to limit ballot drop off locations to one per county. Mitch McConnell laughs maniacally while opponent Amy McGrath calls out his lack of leadership on Covid.

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"CNN reporter Gary Tuchman interviewed a number of Trump supporters at a Florida rally and had them explain the different reasons why they refuse to wear a mask — even after the president was infected and hospitalized to treat his coronavirus diagnosis.

During Anderson Cooper‘s Monday night show, he aired a report from the packed and non-socially distanced campaign rally in Sanford, Florida, where Tuchman talked with a number of maskless Trump supporters about their very public choice not to follow CDC guidelines.

“If you thought that people would be more careful at rallies after hearing that Donald Trump had coronavirus and there was a super spreading event at the White House, you would be incorrect,” Tuchman said, leading off. “About 90% of people did not have masks. Every one had their temperatures checked and they were given hand sanitizer, and they were given masks and there were no mandate to wear them. Most of those masks were put in pockets and never came out again.”"

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