Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Secrets Coming Out

Judge orders recording of grand jury proceedings in the Breonna Taylor case be released. John Iadarola and Viviana Vigil break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said Monday night that he will release the recording of the grand jury proceedings in the case of Breonna Taylor to the court on Wednesday. It is not clear when the recording will be available to the public, though his statement indicated he would not try to prevent it from being publicly released.

"The Grand Jury is meant to be a secretive body," Cameron said in a statement to CBS News. "It’s apparent that the public interest in this case isn’t going to allow that to happen."

Cameron said his team has an "ethical obligation" not to release the recording. But he added, "Despite these concerns, we will comply with the Judge’s order to release the recording on Wednesday.”"

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