Trump’s New to This Whole “Science” Thing

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by producer and publisher of The Rouge Collection Gary Chambers, to break down the day’s top stories.

An anti-mask rally in Utah brought together a variety of insane COVID-19 conspiracies. A new study reveals the earth is on track to hit a warming threshold not seen in over 34 million years. A Facebook post made by Louisiana congressman Clay Higgins has been removed after Higgins threatened to “eliminate the threat” of Black militia groups. A whistleblower at an ICE detention facility has accused doctors underreporting cases of COVID-19. Federal authorities are investigating the death of Ronald Greene, a Black man who died in police custody last year. In an appearance on CNN, Samantha Cohen recalls “creepy” comments Trump made about her when she was 15.

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"Good morning.

Smoke from the record-breaking wildfires in the western US has reached almost as far away as Hawaii and Michigan, while four west coast cities now rank in the top 10 for worst air quality in the world. In Oregon, where 10 people are dead and 22 still missing, state prisoners say guards have responded to unrest with pepper spray which exacerbates existing respiratory problems."

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