Who’s Trump’s Next Supreme Court Pick?

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Read more here: https://www.npr.org/2020/09/09/911194201/trump-adds-ted-cruz-tom-cotton-to-list-of-potential-scotus-picks

"President Trump has released an additional 20 names he would select from if any Supreme Court vacancies arise during his remaining time in office, including the president’s rival-turned-Senate ally, Ted Cruz. The list also includes Sens. Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley as well as two former U.S. solicitors general.

The president’s running list, which he first compiled in 2016, already included more than a dozen conservative legal minds from across the country. With Wednesday’s additions, he adds bulk to the number of justices he would choose from to bolster the court’s conservative majority.

"Over the next four years, the next president will choose hundreds of federal judges and one, two, three, four Supreme Court justices," Trump said during a Wednesday press conference at the White House. He described a bleak picture if "radical left judges" were nominated under Democratic rival Joe Biden."

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