QAnon Supporters Admit Their Crazy

A recent poll reveals how crazy QAnon-ers truly are. John Iadarola and Dr. Rashad Richey break it down on The Damage Report. 

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"The Capitol riots were rife with symbols of humanity’s hate-filled past, but perhaps one of the most startling and enduring images was that of a man in a sweatshirt that said “Camp Auschwitz: Work Brings Freedom” — a reference to the eponymous Nazi extermination camp and its infamous motto, “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

A new Morning Consult survey tracking right-wing authoritarian beliefs shows that while not all believers of the conspiracy theory that helped spur the insurrection are antisemites, a large majority of adherents to a century-old antisemitic hoax are also believers of QAnon. And though efforts to deplatform the conspiracy group have sent QAnon underground, data shows that believers’ views on the issues that led to the insurrection track closely with those of self-identified U.S. conservatives."

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