TYT Replay: Biden’s border policy is bad as Trumps. Carlson blames “libs” for empowering women

In the first hour, Bridget Todd (There are no Girls on the Internet, UltraViolet) joins Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola. In the second hour, Lance of The Serfs (We Are Serfs) joins Cenk and Benjamin Dixon.

Fox News host warns of a new reality of human/animal hybrids living among us after an amendment in a bill that would have kept the US from participating in that kind of research was voted down. Jeffery Toobin makes his triumphant return to CNN after his “October Surprise” on a Zoom call last fall, and some are asking should they have taken him back? Tucker Carlson warns of a ‘fertility crisis’ in America: ‘We’ve really been sold a bunch of lies.’ Amnesty International finds that Biden is illegally expelling thousands of unaccompanied children. Manchin’s latest round of rejecting voting rights legislation coincides with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce restarting its payments to him, and the points he made echoes their talking points.

A bipartisan Senate group announces an infrastructure deal. Why U.S. Marshals were involved in the death of Winston Smith – and why there isn’t any body camera footage of the shooting. Trump’s DOJ spied on some Democratic lawmakers, their aides, and family members early in the term in order to find the leakers exposing contacts between Trump people and Russians. The far-right anti-mask movement is coming for Republican Governors. A Newsmax panel melts down over a high school student saying “Allah” during the Pledge of Allegiance.

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