New AUDIO: Career Ender For GIULIANI?

Dr. Rashad Richey welcomes Adrienne Lawrence, Media Matters President & CEO Angelo Carusone. He will also debate conservative political analyst Bobby Eberle, who hosts the 13-Minute News Hour.
News of the Day topics include: New leaked audio could be a career ender for Giuliani. Smoking gun video shows an Oregon Lawmaker Mike Nearman conspiring to let right wingers into the state capitol. In our Wish a Karen Would segment, a male ‘Karen’ in San Francisco harasses a black deliveryman. Not even NEWSMAX will hire Matt Gaetz. TikTokers promote Anti-LGBTQ hate. Obama attacks right wing media. Like and Subscribe!

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"Biden Narrows Infrastructure Request, but Hurdles Remain for Bipartisan Deal
The president offered new concessions this week, including dropping his plan to reverse some of the 2017 tax cuts, as he tries to win support from Senate Republicans."

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#TheDamageReport #JohnIadarola #TheYoungTurks

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