Candace Owens TROLLED By Ken Klippenstein

Candace Owens get brutally trolled by Ken Klippenstein. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini break it down on The Damage Report. 

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"Jokes can have serious consequences, as journalist Ken Klippenstein recently discovered. Klippenstein took to Twitter to announce he had been fired from his job, at The Intercept, following a prank he played on Rep Matt Gaetz, Matt Schlapp, and Dinesh D’Souza. But they aren’t to blame for his firing, according to him. He tweeted that Candace Owens was responsible for his dismissal.

Klippenstein took the Internet by storm on May 31, after he jokingly sent a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald in his military uniform to Gaetz, Schlapp, and D’Souza, asking them to retweet ‘his grandfather’ on the occasion of Memorial Day. All three did so, before realizing it was a prank and deleted their tweets. Owens though, ended up in a bit of a row with Klippenstein, before she too deleted one of her tweets."

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