Replay: TYT Live: Biden CALLS OUT Manchin & Sinema, Do You Buy It?

Biden appears to swipe at Manchin and Sinema during Tulsa speech: “two members of the Senate who vote more with my Republican friends.” Amazon gives US customers 1 week to opt out of wifi sharing network. Global shortages of many goods reflect the disruption of the pandemic combined with decades of companies limiting their inventories. Arizona “refurbishes” its gas chamber to prepare for executions, documents reveal. Biden shows little desire to reverse Trump’s Cuba policies. Tucker Carlson’s “medical Jim Crow” rant could be his most ridiculous comparison yet. A Houston Mother shoots at 6 month old dog on the loose, hits her 5-year-old son instead. West Virginia to give away guns as COVID-19 vaccine incentive. Hannity’s ad for Trump’s reelection was expensive and ridiculed by Trump staff for being over the top – but it’s exactly like every other Trump ad. Donald Trump cancels himself. Woman shoves an actual bear to save her dogs.

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