Replay: TYT Live: Republicans BOOT Cheney, Start Third Party?

Liz Cheney declares war on Trump moments after her ouster, pledging to do all she can to ensure Trump never gets “near the Oval Office” again. A bunch of old Republicans that the Trump GOP doesn’t care about are threatening to form a new party. Jim Jordan accuses Liz Cheney of pulling “Democrat talking points” in a speech calling out the election Big Lie. Drivers start scrambling for gas as the pipeline shutdown continues. Companies announce record stock buybacks.

UN Envoy warns of a full-scale war between Israel and Palestine if they don’t stop. There’s a new wind farm that’s going to happen off the Vineyard. “Students for Trump” founder John Lambert gets prison time for posing as a lawyer. A Michigan Trump Republican introduced a bill to fine fact-checkers because facts are a natural enemy to MAGA. College students were suspended after attending a party unmasked – now parents are fighting back.

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