TDR Live: Donald Trump Is Tearing GOP Apart From The Inside Out

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Dan Evans, co-host of Power Report & the AudioFace Podcast to break down today’s top stories.

Overnight Israeli airstrikes kill 20 Palestinians. Conservatives join the #YangGang after Andrew Yang tweets out support for Israel. GOP infighting escalates as House Republicans move to replace Liz Cheney. Dan & John react to recent headlines. The WHO classifies the covid mutation sweeping through India as a “variant of concern”. Marjorie Greene & Matt Gaetz rally in The Villages. NYC Mayoral candidates reveal their ignorance.

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"A crowd of elderly supporters were captured on video dancing to a famous Queen song while awaiting the start of an “America First” rally featuring congress members Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and were then cruelly mocked on Twitter.

Gaetz and Greene kicked off their “America First” tour — the name of which recalls their brief flirtation with starting a group that was derided as the “White Supremacy Caucus” — with a rally at the famous Florida retirement community “The Villages” on Friday, but it was the pre-game festivities that drew attention."

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