Replay: TYT Live: Poll: America’s the Biggest Threat to Democracy

David Frum, the man who coined the phrase “Axis of Evil” during the Bush Administration thinks his support for preemptive wars was better than Tucker Carlson’s because he was more polite. The United States is seen as a bigger threat to democracy than China/Russia. Biden axes Trump’s gig-worker rule, favoring an “employee” model. The DNC is reportedly starting opposition research on potential 2024 Republican candidates, including… Mike Lindell. Now that the cat is out of the bag, number two in the House Republican party Steve Scalise is openly calling for Liz Cheney to be removed from leadership. A federal judge vacates the CDC’s eviction moratorium.

Meghan McCain blasts MAGA’s handling of Liz Cheney. Facebook’s ban on Donald Trump will hold, according to the social media site’s oversight board. Pfizer is just gross. Fox & Friends had actual children on to galvanize their attacks on schools reopening across the country, but Brian Kilmeade didn’t expect a 6th grader to point out his lack of trust in Trump to even pull this off. And a Florida teen charged as an adult in rigged homecoming queen election.

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