TDR Live: Snoozin’ Cruz Dreams of Cancun

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Viviana Vigil, television producer and host of Contextualize This, to go through Thursday’s top stories.

Right-wing media reacts to Joe Biden’s address to Congress. Twitter reacts to Ted Cruz snoozing during Biden’s speech. Federal Investigators raid Rudy Giuliani’s apartment. Joe Manchin claims passing voter reforms will lead to anarchy. Social Media platforms censor posts criticizing the Indian government. New research shows glaciers are melting 31% faster than in previous years. Gibraltar effectively eliminates Covid through high-vaccination rates.

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"Throughout Biden’s speech, the live feed occasionally panned to socially distanced members sitting around the chamber. Toward the end of the address during some remarks about immigration, the camera caught a glimpse of Cruz with his eyes shut. Cruz almost immediately opened his eyes for a few seconds before appearing to doze off again. Based on his retweet, Cruz may have been making a deliberate statement, given his well earned reputation for being one of the more performative members of the Senate."

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