TDR Live: Fox News Admits It’s All Been Lies

The Damage Report host John Iadarola is joined by Adrienne Lawrence, legal analyst and author of STAYING IN THE GAME, to break down today’s top stories.

Andrew Brown Jr.‘s family speaks out after viewing body-cam footage of his fatal police shooting. Fox News is forced to correct inaccurate “reporting” on Biden & Harris. A police training video resurfaces amid non-stop police violence. Anti-Maskers wear yellow stars at a UK protest. A Temecula city council member compares her refusal to wear a mask to Rosa Parks’ fight for civil rights.

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"Activists have been targeting people with fears about vaccines in a social media blitz. In an experiment, BBC Panorama showed a panel one video filled with falsehoods to see how it affected their willingness to get a jab.

In a sleepy suburb of Norwich, 83-year-old Rosemary opens a WhatsApp message from a relative.
It contains a video called Ask the Experts.

The clip features people with impressive medical and scientific titles based in the UK, US, Spain and Sweden.

Some allege, contrary to the evidence, that Covid-19 vaccines are unsafe, that they can alter a person’s DNA – and even that the pandemic is somehow not real."

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