Replay: TYT Live: Tucker Says to HARASS Kids Wearing Masks

Joe Manchin is still being a hurdle for infrastructure to be passed and Lindsey Graham expects him to join the Republicans in holding up the corporate tax hike. Biden will seek $80 billion for the IRS to claw back $780 billion in unpaid taxes from the rich. Tucker Carlson urges his audience to “call the police immediately” if they see kids wearing masks outdoors. Protests throughout France as a court refuses to criminally prosecute an anti-Semite who murdered an elderly Jewish woman. A look into what the New York Times is calling the “YOLO Economy.” Megyn Kelly admits that religion is just something that’s used to make people feel more superior. A Republican bill in Florida would allow students to record professors to show political bias. A school in Miami is banning teachers that have been vaccinated, citing nonsense conservative conspiracies. Senator John Kennedy tells Sean Hannity that if you hate cops then “call a meth head the next time you get into trouble.” Fox News host Laura Ingraham accuses civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers of “sporting an accent” on TV.

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