Replay: TYT Live: Right Wing CRIES About Their Meat!

The cops that attacked and dislocated an old lady’s shoulder laughed and joked while watching the bodycam footage at the police station. DOJ considers charging Derek Chauvin in a 2017 incident where he allegedly beat a Black 14-year-old kid and knelt on him for 17 minutes. President Biden recognizes the Armenian genocide. Chuck Schumer mocks Larry Kudlow’s plant-based beer joke. Everybody lost their minds over that bizarre Oscars ending. A new CDC report says that millions of Americans are skipping their second vaccine doses. A look into what the New York Times is calling the “YOLO Economy.” Newt Gingrich calls Gay Pride flags at U.S. embassies “deliberately anti-American.” Fox’s Chris Wallace grills Kevin McCarthy over rumored “witness tampering” phone call with Trump over the Capitol Riots. And a Japanese man was arrested after dating 35 women at the same time to “get birthday presents.”

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