Dr. Fauci LETS LOOSE On Tucker Carlson

Dr. Fauci blasts Tucker Carlson for dangerous propaganda. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report.

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Read more here: https://www.mediamatters.org/coronavirus-covid-19/dr-fauci-tucker-carlsons-vaccine-comments-thats-just-typical-crazy-conspiracy

"JOHN BERMAN (CO-ANCHOR): You know that there is this issue of vaccine hesitancy out there — broadly speaking, not just about Johnson & Johnson, but about vaccines in general. One of the reasons is some of the things people say. And last night — I want to read you, I don’t want to play it because I’m not sure that helps the cause here of saving lives — something that TV personality Tucker Carlson said on TV about vaccines in general.

He said, “If the vaccines are effective, there’s no reason for people who have received the vaccine to wear masks or avoid physical contact. So maybe it doesn’t work, and they’re simply not telling you that.” Let me repeat that again. “So maybe it doesn’t work, and they’re simply not telling you that.”"

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