Replay: TYT Live: Matt Gaetz’s BAD Week Gets WAY WORSE

Rep. Matt Gaetz paid a known sex trafficker via Venmo, who would then pay women the same amount according to new reports. Senator Joe Manchin now claims that the Capitol Riots somehow “changed him” into this bipartisan monster that’s holding things up. The Amazon unionization effort appears to be headed for a loss in Alabama, plus new details on Amazon’s anti-union efforts. The NRCC has a pretty divisive message to its donors while the Republican Party cries for unity. Fox News airs explicit still images of alleged Hunter Biden sex tape.

Geraldo Rivera questions the “ghetto” cred of colleague Leo Terrell. A former Fox News host furiously stormed off a BBC interview amid questions over Georgia’s new voting laws. Iman Saleh writes in an op-ed: I’m on hunger strike until the U.S. ends all support for the Saudi-led blockade against Yemen. Tucker Carlson: “obedient voters from third world” are replacing me. President Biden is creating a commission to study expanding the Supreme Court. And released footage shows LAPD responding to a domestic violence call from a White woman against her White boyfriend, and immediately arrest the first Black man they see on the street.

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