Chris Coons Lets His Entire State Down

Sen. Chris Coons’ response to coronavirus has let his entire state of Delaware down. John Iadarola and Jess Scarane break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"Jess Scarane lives, works, and volunteers in Wilmington, a city that suffers from highly concentrated racial and wealth inequality. For years, she has tried to work within the system to make her city and state better: she tutored and mentored young students, served on the board of a local nonprofit that runs after-school programs for Delaware girls, and lobbied her elected officials to support policies that would prioritize our needs, not the profits of corporations and special interests. Jess is running for office because our current system does not work for the majority of people. She believes that everyone deserves a good education, healthcare, a place to call home, and clean air and water. Jess is running for Senate to guarantee that everyone’s basic needs are met through programs like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. Instead of cutting deals with Republicans that exacerbate racism and inequality, Jess will fight for policies that improve the lives of hardworking Delawareans so we can build a state and country that works for all of us."

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