Replay: TYT Live: No Health Care? They Don’t Care!

President Biden’s “Job Cabinet” tries to sell the infrastructure plan to Congress as Republicans resist. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells Ted Cruz: “Your resignation is 84 days past due.” A Republican representative’s family calls him out over insurrection in a scathing Fox News ad. A raise or a four-day workweek – Germany’s largest trade union seals’ new deal. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner tells all on Roger Ailes and “nut” Sean Hannity.

Rep. Matt Gaetz and a former official in Florida sent money to women using online payment apps, receipts showed – plus the rest of the latest news surrounding Matt Gaetz. The economy adds 916,000 jobs as the economy roars back – but will this affect Biden’s spending plans? 46 million Americans say they would not be able to afford healthcare if they needed it, and what Bernie Sanders plans to do to help. A teen cheerleader’s Snapchat brings a Supreme Court clash over schools and free speech. We ask you: should schools be able to punish students for social media posts? And one of Biden’s dogs defecated in a White House hallway.

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