Trump Faces Hard Questions on Covid Testing

America is still lagging in per capita covid testing, the environment is being targeted while people’s attention is on coronavirus, and more. John Iadarola and Jordan Uhl break it down today’s edition of The Damage Report: LockDown Edition. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"President Donald Trump ended up being off by 28 million people in his estimate of the population of Seoul, South Korea, during a White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing on Monday. 

When asked about the United States’ COVID-19 testing capabilities by Yamiche Alcindor of PBS NewsHour, Trump deflected by asking the reporter about the South Korean capital city’s population.

"I know South Korea better than anybody," Trump said. "It’s a very tight — do you know how many people are in Seoul? Do you know how big the city of Seoul is? 38 million people. That’s bigger than anything we have."

Seoul-proper — or the Seoul Special City, as it’s officially known — only has a population of 10 million, according to the city government’s English language website.

The greater metropolitan area is the second-largest in the world at around 25 million."

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